Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I make?

The typical pull behind camper owner can earn up to $350 per week. The typical drive-able RV owner can earn $680 to $1200.

When do I get paid?

We send out payments every Monday via PayPal.

Do you insure my camper?

Yes. We place full coverage commercial insurance on your camper. If your camper is damaged we take full responsibility to make sure its repaired. A portion of the insurance fees are paid by the renter to cover driver checks,

Can I still use my camper?

Yes. It’s your camper so it’s your call. Let us know the dates you plan on camping and we will mark them off as unavailable.

What if someone damages my camper?

While damage can occur it’s very rare. We find that because people are very respectful and they tend to treat the camper just like it was their own. If there is damage to the camper the security deposit paid by the renter along with insurance cover’s all repair costs so there’s no out of pocket expense for you

Do i take my stuff out of the camper?

It’s your call. If you don’t mind we would love for you to leave your kitchen supplies but everything else can be left or removed as long as you leave room for the renter to put their stuff. We supply toilet paper, septic tabs and propane.

What about propane?

We will cover the cost of keeping the camper filled with propane and make sure it’s full when it comes back to you.

How often is my camper inspected?

Before and after each rental. We have detailed check in and check out forms that you can view on the lower left side of our website

What's expected of me?

Not much, we handle it all from marketing, contracts, deliveries, billing, insurance, repairs, damage claims, propane refills, emptying septic and cleaning. You supply the camper, we do the rest ?


Do you allow pets or smoking?

Smoking Never, pet’s that’s your call.

The Jewell Family

Cashing In On My Camper

Who would have thought we can make money renting out one of our toys! Thanks Garr and team.

The Jewell Family

We basically got a free camper

The amount of money we make per year renting out our camper pays for our payments and more.

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I am proud to use my certification to ensure your camper is kept in tip top shape.

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