Our Part - the camper connection

Your Part - you

What’s my role in running a branch?

Your job is TWO-fold. First, you find campers and RV’s for your branch. Second, you handle the logistics. We do the rest……

Ok i’m listening, tell me more….

We are looking for business minded people around the nation to partner with us. Your job is to signup camper owners for our camper management program. Our job is to be your office team handling all the marketing, billing, customer service, legal and insurance. You receive a percentage of the nightly rental rate for each camper at your branch.

Kim – Upper Peninsula, MI

With all the backend support I get I’ve been able to build my branch to 10 units while working full time as a corrections officer. Garr, Jennifer and the team take great care of me and my camper owners. The goal is to grow this to 25 and make this a full-time gig.

Do you see the possibilities?

Think about all the campers and RV’s sitting around your town. Storage units are filled. One out of every several yards you pass by has a camper in it. Turn those campers into cashflow by partnering with us!

Our Job


We handle all the forms digitally via our website including:
contracts, check-in forms, walk through forms, Inspections, driver tote checklist, cleaning checklist and logs, insurance, DMV checks and others.


1. We supply you with your first round of marketing materials such as business cards, email address, phone number, postcards, bumper stickers, magnets, yard signs, etc.

2. We will post and manage all your listings on various sites such as ours, Outdoorsy, Craigslist, and others.

3. We will help you create a Google maps listing and Facebook page for your local branch and contribute content and help you build reviews.

Customer Service

1. We will handle all rental inquiries, create quotes, finalize bookings, handle billing and deposits, etc.

2. We will handle renter support and customer service during rentals via phone, email, website and text support.

Branch Support

We will provide training and tools for marketing, hr forms, logistics tools and training, access to backend software along with ongoing support and coaching.

your job


Utilize the tools and marketing materials provided to attract and enroll travel trailer and RV owner’s into our management program via the website. Handle the logistics for your local area such as pickup and delivery.


Schedule and execute deliveries, pickups, and cleaning.

Pay and More...

Pay is simple. You get a percentage of the nightly rental rate for each unit at your branch and your branch also gets 100% of the delivery fees and 100% of the cleaning fees.

Reduce your risk and beat the learning curve. We have worked hard to create an amazing process and product. We are consistent in development and creating new ways to serve our customers and add additional revenue earning opportunities.

Power in numbers. You have a team working for you and your renters 24/7. You’ll have branding power in our quickly growing presence on the web and branches starting across the nation.

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